Lost in middle of nowhere !!!

I’m in my 20s. And guess what: I’m feeling more lost than ever.

It’s like, until now, everything made sense to me, everything had a point to it, everything was right and I thought I knew where I am heading. But hell, it has changed and I don’t understand how fast that can change!

May be others are not like me. Unlike me, they have never had any plans and took life as it is. But we all are jumbling to get something out of nothing. We have been doing something all these years and suddenly we feel that was not right… Geez! How can that happen?

But tell me, is that so bad that I’m looking kind of weird? I mean my thoughts of getting lost in no where… does that sound bizarre or bad?

Feeling lost is meant that you’re not where you should be, I mean your instinct thoughts giving you an alarm – this is the way I see it. Though knowing that we shouldn’t be here, doesn’t help us in finding where we should be. Moreover, feeling lost means that you’re meant for something more, if not, at least, meant for something else.

So if you’re feeling lost like me, keep walking. Everyone who is lost should keep wandering because all who wanders never gets lost and they find out what they want, who they wanna be and achieves!


What do you think about this?

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