Blissed Memories !!!

Memories, Imaginations, Dreams are the most and greatest gifts for us… We start cherishing each and every memory we love as days pass by.. I had and have lots and lots of memories which I value, in which I take great pleasure in to think and share about them…

My favorite pillow after a long fight I had with my best friend… I cried over that pillow, spoke to it, slapped it and did all the silly things I can with that pillow considering it as her … Still I have that pillow with me, though it is damaged .. Whenever I see it, my eyes will become moisty with tears…

Whether you’re recalling memories from past friendships, silly fights, travels, adventures, love, ended relationships, times when the butteries were still there, old friends you’ve lost touch with, good times from the old days, childhood fun, innocence in expected times, guilt in unexpected things, or those random, spontaneous best days of your life, there’s always a mixed bag of emotions that will come up and sometimes it will soak us with tears of joy or bitterness

Remembering those drunken nights when the times you shared with your friends will forever hold a place in your heart,  those bonding nights, when you never felt closer to a certain person, and how that closeness becomes life long bond between the two gradually were the best … Sometimes it is amusing to think those memories wherein we considered a particular person as extraordinaryone and now the same person either plays no role or mediocre role in our life… I started remembering how I never realized the importance of family, until I started staying in hostel… The deepest and darkest secrets I shared with my friends and still have that belief that they’ll remain as secrets…  Probably better than we gave it credit for at that time, but that’s how most things are in hindsight isn’t it?

Memories are the little pieces of our life which we celebrate, enjoy and let them inspire us. Those pieces of our life are  not the present, but merely memories for very good reason.  The could have, should have, would have mentality will take every bit of sweetness out of your most beloved memories and leave them only bitter. I mean everything happens for a reason. So why should we worry about those and spoil our sweet memories?

Spend a little time each day reminiscing. The bitter-sweetness is well worth it. We can make the past and the future en massse ..


What do you think about this?

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