Broken Heart

No matter at what stage of life we are in, at which age, until we are alive, there is always a chance for a heart break. And always the best cure for healing the broken heart turns out the answer to be Time as in old adage.

How long will it be before you can get through your daily routine without feeling the wave of pain sweep over you, without sensing that knot in the pit of your stomach, and without dwelling on what went wrong? It is really intricate to identify with the twinge.  

And here I am not saying that broken heart is only for love relationship. Heart Aches can be for anything and everything. Health issues of our loved ones, death of our closed ones, disappointments etc,., Life always throw stones at us from which we need to learn and heal.

I used to believe that spending some time to be sad mend my broken heart. During that time all I used to do is I’ll act as I wish. I used to lie in bed for long time, eat chocolates J a lot, cry a lot (of course alone), go for a ride, swimming (if in my native) etc., I will make sure I pour out all the feelings I had. After a day or two, at least I will look better though I feel better or not in my heart. Sometimes I’ve felt that closing the doors so that people can’t get in touch with me will make me feel better. But it has not worked. It always made my pain worse and if I do that after fighting with someone, it has made me frustrated with that relationship. So rather closing the doors, it’s better to open it widely and unclog the rest of the world to be with us. I mean creating a huge castle between us and the world never solves any problem. Relatively the castle grows day by day and also the problem of ours. Solution will be distant delusion.

For some people, however, the pain of a broken heart does not heal with time. Their suffering is prolonged and serious, and they are unable to cope, unsure of them, moody, often unable to function around the house or at work. So if time does not mend a broken heart, how about considering help from a therapist..?


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